WSAA forms to support state aviation

DATED: MAY 16, 2015

WSAA forms to support state aviation

Recognizing the importance of the general aviation industry to Washington’s economy, and recognizing that the industry is currently facing serious challenges in this period of budget pressures, a steering committee met in August 2014 to form a non-profit organization that would serve as a collective voice for aviation and airport-related organizations to protect and promote aviation in the state of Washington. 

Formed by representatives from public and private organizations – including the Washington State Department of Transportation Aviation Division, the Washington Airport Management Association, the Washington State Community Airports Association, the Washington Pilots Association and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association – the committee shaped the foundations of the Washington State Aviation Alliance.

In January 2015, the steering committee elected a board of directors:

Kandace Harvey (WAMA) – President
Les Smith (WPA) – Vice President
David Ketchum (WSCAA) -Treasurer
Tristan Atkins (WSDOT) – Secretary

For more details on the background of WSAA and its objectives to be accomplished before October 2015, click here