Alliance Supports HB 1455, HB 1456, HB 1457

SHB 1455

AN ACT Relating to aviation workforce development

Sponsor: Rep Tom Dent

-Addresses a severe shortage of workers in the aeronautics industry by increasing the training and employment of commercial pilots, airline transport pilots, avionics technicians, aircraft maintenance technicians and certified flight instructors. Establishes an education loan program with 100% private sector investment funding required. Incentivizes students to remain in their field in Washington State by providing up to 60% in loan forgiveness.  

HB 1456

AN ACT Relating to a community aviation revitalization loan program

Sponsor: Rep Tom Dent

- Addresses an airport’s ability to plan and construct revenue generating infrastructure that is not typically available under federal and state airport improvement program grants. Requires the Transportation Department to convene a community aviation revitalization board to exercise the powers granted under the bill. The overall goal is to improve rural economic development while making airports more financially self- sustainable. $5 million in initial funding was provided to WSDOT through the Capital Budget to fund this program. 


HB 1457

AN ACT Relating to Aircraft Fuel Tax Distribution

Sponsor: Rep Tom Dent

- Reallocates 1.0% of the 6.5% charged in aviation fuel sales taxes from the general fund to the aeronautics account to benefit rural economic development through airport improvements (existing grant program), loans for aviation education (HB 1455) and air cargo development. Provides ~$5.2M annually to help close the $8.4M airport infrastructure funding gap.