Aviation enthusiasts to weigh in on proposed Washington State Aviation License Plate


OLYMPIA – A special license plate recognizing aviation could be a new option for Washington state vehicle owners if a proposal for the plate is approved by the state Legislature.

The Washington State Aviation License Plate, sponsored by the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Aviation Division, is a collaborative effort by several aviation organizations represented by the Washington State Aviation Alliance.<http://www.wsaa.aero/> The goal of this specialty plate is to highlight the importance of the state’s aviation system, and to raise funds to support aviation and public-use airports in Washington State.

The anticipated one-time cost for the aviation plate would be $40. Of that fee, $12 would cover vehicle licensing fees and the remaining $28 would support aviation-specific initiatives such as:

Airport infrastructure improvements to support statewide disaster
response and recovery operations (examples: wildland fires, earthquake, landslide response).
Economic development opportunities to enhance public access to
airports, such as informational kiosks.
Statewide aviation awareness programs that promote public
participation at airports.

A minimum of 3,500 signatures are needed before the specialty license plate can be considered by state Legislature. The goal is to obtain these signatures by Jan. 1 in order for the plate to be considered during the 2017 legislative session. If approved by the Legislature, the plates could be available through Department of Licensing (http://www.dol.wa.gov/vehicleregistration/specialdesign.html) next summer.

Supporters of the Washington State Aviation License Plate are encouraged to sign the online petition. (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/AviationSpecialtyLicensePLate) The petition allows people to submit a signature and indicate the number of plates they would likely purchase. While these signatures are intended to show anticipated purchases, submitting a signature is not an obligation to buy a plate. The website also includes an image of the proposed plate.