There is little question that the general aviation industry is facing serious challenges in today’s economic climate, a situation that is certain to get worse as actions are taken to balance budgets and reduce spending. Many of these actions could result in further adverse impacts to an already depressed industry. While we in the industry recognize the importance of general aviation to the transportation system and its value to local and national economies, many do not share our view – which makes it important that we find ways to educate others, protect the industry, advocate with a collective voice and, where possible, promote its growth.

A number of organizations have been created nationally to address these issues. And there is recognition of a need for those of us in Washington’s aviation community to join forces in a similar way in an effort to protect and promote general aviation interests in the state. For this reason a small group of representatives from several aviation organizations met and developed plans for an organization that would serve that purpose.

The Steering Committee fulfilled its role as of  2014, completing the formal process of forming the Washington State Aviation Alliance (WSAA).

Washington State Aviation Alliance Founding Members

Kandace A. Harvey
Steering Committee Member
Snohomish, WA
Phone: (360) 568-1541 x224
Fax: (360) 568-0834
President, Washington Airport Management Association
Owner, Harvey Field

Les Smith
Steering Committee Member
Mukilteo, WA
Phone: (425) 870-2287
President, Washington Pilots Association

Tristan Atkins
Steering Committee Member
Olympia, WA
Phone: (360) 709-8020
Cell: (360) 529-6550
Director of Aviation, Washington State Department of Transportation

David Ketchum
Steering Committee Member
Greenbank, WA
Phone: (360) 678-0345
Chairman, Washington State Community Airport Association

Warren Hendrickson
Steering Committee Administrative Assistant
Seattle, WA
Cell: (253) 973-9687
Executive Director, Washington Airport Management Association

Dave Field
Steering Committee Administrative Assistant
Bellevue, WA
Cell: (206) 963-3262
Board Member and Secretary, Washington Airport Management Association

David Ulane, A.A.E.
Steering Committee Member
Phone: (301) 695-2094
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Northwest Mountain Regional Manager