April 27, 2016

 Membership Committee – Dave Ryan

The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting both voting and non-voting members of the Washington State Aviation Alliance (WSAA). Potential member organizations are considered with respect to the probability of a mutually beneficial relationship and approached about membership after careful consideration of mutual interests. Potential member organizations and those newly incorporated into the WSAA shall be fully briefed about the goals and methods of operation of the WSAA. Regular briefings are provided to the WSAA board about potential and new members. New members’ names, addresses and phone numbers are provided to the WSAA Secretary and WSAA Treasurer for incorporation into the WSAA accounting system and website. 

Legislative Committee – Chris Herman

The Legislative Committee tracks legislation at the state and federal levels that may impact general aviation and/or airports in Washington State. Brief summaries about pertinent legislation shall be provided during board meetings or at the request of the President or Secretary. Recommendations as to why WSAA should or should not support proposed legislation are provided. Legislation progress reports are provided to the Secretary for addition to the WSAA website and for preparation of reports to the legislative caucus.