Kiosk Design Competition Voting Results:
Congratulations Design A, D and C for placing in the top 3 designs!

What's next?
View the top three design prototypes, as a small scale-to-size, at the 35th Annual Northwest Aviation Conference and Tradeshow in Puyallup Feb. 24-25 and vote for the winning design! Designs and voting will be at the WSDOT Aviation Division booth. 


Design D

Design C

Cohesive Washington State airport kiosks have been an interest in the aviation community for a long time – and now is the time for the public to submit their creative and innovative kiosk ideas.

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Aviation Division, in partnership with Washington State Aviation Alliance (WSAA), is excited to announce a statewide airport kiosk design competition.

The top three designers, chosen by the general public in an online poll, will be funded to fabricate a kiosk prototype for display and voting. Our hopes are that the three prototypes will be eligible for public viewing and voting at the Northwest Aviation Conference and Tradeshow in Puyallup Feb. 24-25, 2018.

After a final winning design is chosen, the top three designers will also be funded for installation of the winning kiosk design at their airport of choice. 

“I’m excited for this – and the real key to this is it will be standardized, so everyone will know that state airports have a kiosk, and it will be where they go to find pertinent information,” said Tim Mensonides, Bremerton National Airport Manager. “This will also go perfectly with the upcoming “Fly Washington” Passport Program, they can go hand-in-hand.”

WSDOT Aviation Division manages 16 public-use airports out of the total 136 public-use airports in the state. The winner's concept will greet the thousands of travelers who pass through 136 public-use airports each year.

Every participating Washington State public-use airport will have a kiosk that has information about what the community has to offer the aviation public. Local attractions, landmarks, restaurants, lodging and other points of interest will be listed on the kiosks as well as information about services and amenities at the airport.

The goal is to have an informational outdoor kiosk at every participating Washington State airport, with construction starting on or about May 2018.

“Not being an artist myself, I’m really looking forward to seeing the designs,” said Bob Weeks, who is a member on the Lynden Airport Advisory. “It will be great to have something that’s recognizable so when people arrive, they know exactly what to look for because it stands out either in color, design or logo.”

This is a great opportunity for pilots and passengers to have one set place to obtain information and explore what local Washington State communities have to offer.

All designs must be submitted by Dec. 31, 2017. Online voting begins Jan. 2 and ends Jan. 14 (2018).

All designs must be submitted by Dec. 31, 2017.
Online voting begins Jan. 2 and ends Jan. 14 (2018). *Slideshow of designs and Survey Monkey will be posted here.
Voting on the three prototypes will be at the Northwest Aviation Conference and Tradeshow in Puyallup Feb. 24-25.

Design Submittal Requirements

Design submittals should fit on 8 ½” x 11” paper and should include Drawings, Pictures, Material Lists, etc.
o receive WSDOT Logo and Color Pallet, please email:

To submit:

  •  Email:
  • Or mail to:
    WSDOT Aviation Division
    7702 Terminal Street
    Tumwater, WA 98501

Construction Requirements:

  • Must be easy to fabricate
  • Can be constructed with commonly available power and hand tools
  • Materials must be commonly available from local hardware and lumber stores.
  • Materials must be weather resistant/proof
  • Design should incorporate informational text panel ideas
  • Minimum Dimensions: 15 square foot display area
  • Cost of Construction: relatively low cost of $1,000 - $2,000 is preferred

Design Elements:

  • Professional appearance
  • Kiosks should be stained or painted
  • Contain WSDOT Logo and Colors (email
  • Keeps informational materials out of the weather
  • Provides limited shelter from the elements for the viewer
  • Incorporate a box to keep a sign-in notebook and other materials out of the weather

Participant Eligibility:

  • Must be a Washington State resident
  • Individuals or Groups
  • Group examples: Aviation groups (WPA/EAA/RAF/WASAR and similar local aviation groups; School Groups; Community Groups; Youth and scouting organizations; Community service groups; Airport employees; Aviation Industry Groups.