WSAA conducts 3rd annual full membership meeting

DATED: APRIL 26, 2018

Annual Membership Meeting
April 26, 2018 
9:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Hyatt Regency, Renton, WA



1.               Welcome                                                                          

David Ketchum: David welcomed the members and conducted introductions around the room

2.               Roll Call of Attendees                                                                         

Warren Hendrickson: Warren assisted with taking attendance of board members and insuring that a quorum was present for voting purposes 

3.               History and Purpose of WSAA                                                                              

Warren Hendrickson: Warren spoke about the history of the alliance and legislative successes and failures. Warren focused on the fact that successes came from a cohesive effort among alliance members with the backing of legislators.

4.               Eagle One Air                                                                                          

Tristan Atkins: John Dobson introduced Tristan Atkins for an explanation of Eagle One Air. Tristan provided an explanation of Eagle One Air. Eagle One Air is looking at servicing 4 counties initially in the Puget Sound. Initial program will include the use of Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAVs). Eagle One Air was voted into the Alliance as a non-voting member.  

5.               Board Member Reports                                                                                          

Board Members: David Ketchum, John Dobson, Kandace Harvey, David Fleckenstein, Chris Herman, and David Ryan. Each board member provided an update. David Ketchum spoke on the behalf of Kandace who was not in attendance.

6.               Legislative Report                                                           

Chris Herman: There was some discussion regarding the bills introduced in the last legislative session by Chris Herman. Chris highlighted the need to discuss legislative items with the Gov’s office.   

 The board took a break from 10:30-10:45. 

7.               Member Objectives and Status Reports                                                                            

Warren Hendrickson: WAMA spoke about the need to have time to discuss issues among their own organization when the alliance is looking for a position on a particular subject. Have we looked at expanding the membership beyond aviation specific entities? Tourism, chambers of commerce…etc. are a consideration. Warren and David K. indicated the by-laws support bringing additional groups into the alliance. Alan Burnett made the suggestion of having ad hoc committees to address aviation issues. The group also discussed looking at ways to change aviation awareness day.  Tim Mensonides brought up the issue of individual airports being alliance members while they are already represented by WAMA. David K. (WSCAA) spoke about the importance of the revolving loan program. George Sneed (WPA) spoke about the disaster airlift response teams (DART) and the involvement of WPA in protecting airports from incompatible uses. George asked for state assistance in communicating the DART program to the counties. Chris Herman spoke on behalf of WPPA. Chris highlighted the need for infrastructure investments and access to funds, airports seeking commercial service, and land use issues. Dave Whitelaw from recreational aviation foundation. Dave would like to reopen up Rogersburg Airport. Dave is also looking for help in opening up Cypress Island Airstrip and establishing additional camping locations at airports. Alan Burnett, Pacific Northwest Business Aviation Association spoke about the need for aircraft repair facilities and the importance of getting to know legislators. Consider to receive newsletters. Stephen Ratzlaff, Washington Seaplane Pilots Association, is looking for assistance in establishing additional seaplane bases. There is a complex issue with invasive species seaplanes. There are concerns over limiting or eliminating seaplane bases to stop the spread of invasive species. Jamelle Garcia from Washington Aviation Association spoke about sponsoring the NW Aviation Trade Show and the groups that they represent. The goal of the trade show is to bring people together. Recommends removing obstacles for aviation businesses at airports.

At 12 pm, the group broke for lunch.

During lunch, the group received a briefing on the hotel development where the meeting was held.

Warren Hendrickson picked up after lunch speaking for the AOPA. Warren spoke about ATC privatization and the efforts behind it. He spoke about his responsibilities. He spoke about FBO pricing and concerns over FBO costs. Seattle ADO has been a challenge for the airports in Washington. Kristi Ivey spoke for National Business Aviation Association and the companies they represent within aviation. Some of their main focus has been combating the efforts towards ATC privatization, workforce development, their ability to speak for aviation related companies, and their involvement in legislative issues. Ben Sclair, GA News, spoke about the communication issues or challenges at different levels. Ben stated that he is “open to just about anything” when it comes to aviation news. David Ryan from Arlington spoke about their interest in the loan program. Warren spoke for Harvey Field. CWU was not in attendance. John Marc Swedburg from Big Bend Community College spoke about producing a large number of pilots but doing it in a way that the pilots remain viable for the airlines into the future. Stephen Ratzlaff asked for assistance in keeping better attuned to issues that come out of Olympia.          

8.               Strategic Plan Priorities and Strategy                                                                            

Chris Herman/John Dobson: Chris and John spoke about HR 2754 being the priority.  Chris spoke about broadening the base of support.  Senator Cleveland and Representative Gregerson were mentioned.  Chris spoke about changes in the house and senate and the need to educate new members. Chris’ recommendation for the Airport Revitalization Board Loan Program is to sit down with the Gov’s office first. Chris was not concerned about going after more than one legislative item.  There is a need to get an updated aviation caucus list. It might be a good idea to produce a portion of the Best Management Practices in advance of the publication to address priorities.  David K. endorsed the idea of getting the BMP out as soon as possible in order to benefit the users. Establishing sustainable facilities through the development of their non-aeronautical use and the pillars of economic, operational, community and environmental sustainability.  The group spoke about land use issues.  David K recommended working with the key planning groups or companies that specialize in the comprehensive plans. Questions remained over how interested groups are notified when comprehensive plans are under review. The discussion turned back to establishing and maintaining communications between members of the alliance and interested parties as well as legislators. WSDOT will begin pushing more information out through the use of their communicator, Christina Crea.     


9.               Review and Provide Input for the 2018-19 Project and Task List         

John Dobson: John covered the project and task list as part of the priorities and strategy discussion.


10.           WSAA Election of 2018-2019 Officers & Board Members                 

David Fleck/Warren H.: Warren spoke about three recommended changes to the by-laws. A vote was taken and all of the recommended changes were approved.  David K spoke about Greg Becken as a candidate for Kandace Harvey as she has requested to step down and find a replacement.  All recommended candidates were elected….We need to add Eagle Air One to the umbrella list.   

11.          General Discussion                                                                           

David Ketchum: Schedule next meeting: Recommend a date prior to the first caucus meeting or Airport Awareness Day. The next board meeting was tentatively set for January 16 from 1:00 to 2:30 pm.

12.           Adjourn                                                                             

David Ketchum: David Ketchum called for a motion to adjourn the meeting. John Dobson moved to approve the motion and Chris Herman seconded the motion. The motion passed, Ketchum adjourned the meeting.